What is Psychoanalytic & Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy is a “talking therapy”.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapists believe that unconscious processes shape our behaviour and lives. This form of psychotherapy attempts to gain greater understanding of the unconscious communication to help clients towards a better control of their own lives.

I spoke to more than one therapist before deciding who to go to. It was important that I felt comfortable with the person I was going to work with.

Psychoanalytic theory explores the connection between events in early life, which may be unconscious, and current difficulty and distress. The therapy offers a reliable setting for the exploration of past and present fantasies, feelings, dreams and memories.

Particular attention is given to the developing relationship with the therapist, as it is through this that the patient is able to re-experience relationships from his or her early life and explore new ways of relating, free from the issues that previously caused distress. Through this relationship, the patient may achieve a new and better resolution of long-standing conflicts and overcome barriers to change and growth.

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